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The Obstacles towards Excellence!


Excellence is one of my main Core Values in Life. I believe that no one is perfect, except God, but I want to be Excellent in all I do!

In my 12 years of Post-High School Education, I met several individuals that took the same classes I did, had the same professors I had, and got the same degrees I got. Even though our educational backgrounds were the same, the quality of our work was not!

So, I have set myself in a mission to find out why is it that some professionals advance in certain areas, while others don’t. Here is what I consider the 2 deadliest obstacles towards Excellence:

1) Lack of Vision!

Someone told me once that “the road to success is filled with tempting parking spots”! I have met so many people with great potential that had no vision of advancing to a higher level of excellence in their practice. As a result, as soon as things were “good enough” they would stop pursuing Excellence! The problem in Modern Dentistry, though, is that everything is changing:

– White Fillings are┬áreplacing Silver ones as the standard of care,

– Lasers are replacing┬átraditional dental surgical instruments (like the drill!), and

– Digital X-rays have significantly reduced the amount of radiation used.

Unfortunately, though, MOST dental offices are still STUCK in the PAST!! As Dental Professionals we need to have a Vision for Advancement, that would allow our patients to benefit from enhanced treatment with better results!

2) Lack of Accountability!

This happens every time we think that us “doctors” either “know-it-all” or are beyond criticism of our current practices. If there is one thing I like about Social Media, is the fact that it has allowed people to share their experiences openly at lightning speed. So, a lot of the outdated practices that still exist have been exposed. It is up to us now to “measure” our success as we move towards excellence, and keep improving ourselves and our practices on a daily basis!

So, next time you go to your medical or dental appointment, ask yourself: “Is my doctor pursuing excellence?” Better yet, I want to ask you: “Are YOU pursuing Excellence in your personal life?

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